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Discover the Long Lasting Vesta Brick, the Vesta Night Log, the Vesta Chimney Cleaning Log and Vesta Fire-Starters. A full range of ecological heating products conceived and manufactured here in Quebec. Be green. Be local. Choose Vesta in addition to or instead of conventional firewood.

Vesta Fire-Starter

Top performer on the market

Fire starters are convenient and quick. Useful for all types of fireplaces, indoor and outdoor. Waterproof. Available in 4.8 lb boxes.


  • NUMBER OF FIRES:   33 fires.

Vesta Brick

Top performer on the market

Made from waxed cardboard, the VESTA Brick produces
11,500 BTUs per pound, 50% more per pound than wood. Waxed cardboard, usually considered land ll as it is non-recyclable, is now 100% repurposed in the VESTA Brick.

Easy to light and producing a beautiful ame, the VESTA Brick is ideal for heating and ambience. Suitable for all types of stoves or replaces, the VESTA Brick emits 80% less carbon monoxide and 86% less creosote than wood, while burning longer.


  • CHARGE USED:   6 bricks (10,5 lb.)
  • 400°F REACHED IN:   40 minutes
  • FLAME DURATION:   165 minutes
  • TOTAL BURNING TIME:   255 minutes

Long Lasting Vesta

2 times more heat than a wood log

Composed of waxed cardboard, wood shavings and vegetable wax, long-lasting bricks are high performing. Easy to light, they attain a heating temperature (400° F) faster than any other product. Otherwise non-recyclable, the waxed cardboard is thus diverted from landfill. Safe for chimneys, the long-lasting bricks burn cleaner than traditional fire wood. For an ambiance fire or to heat your home, use 2 to 3 bricks at a time, according to desired intensity. Long-lasting bricks generate 13 000 BTU/lb.

  • CHARGE USED:   3 logs (9 lb.)
  • 400°F REACHED IN:   30 minutes
  • FLAME DURATION:   195 minutes
  • TOTAL BURNING TIME:   255 minutes

Chimney Cleaning Vesta

Between 2 mechanical sweepings

Composed of waxed cardboard, wood shavings, vegetable wax as well as metallic and mineral salts, the chimney cleaning log can be used to maintain your chimney between 2 chimney sweepings. It achieves full effectiveness when the conduct becomes hot and the residue softens, reducing creosote build-up.

Warning! The Chimney Cleaning Vesta does not replace the mechanical sweeping you need to perform every year.

  • Sweeping a fireplace is essential to its safe use. If your chimney backdrafts, gases may invade your home and the flames can, within minutes, destroy it.
  • It also helps you save money. If your draft conditions aren’t adequate, you’ll have to use more fuel (and more polluting gases will be released in the atmosphere as well).

Vesta Advantage

Vesta is a unique environmentally friendly heating product that stands out from all the other ecological firewood on the market.


No more bugs and dirt. Vesta is delivered in boxes and does not crumble. In addition, we will deliver your order directly to your home. An ideal solution for the elderly or disabled.


Vesta leaves the competition in the dust. Vesta produces 2 times more heat than other ecological logs and conventional firewood. You get twice as much for your money!


Vesta is made entirely of recycled materials. Vesta means less waste to landfill sites, lower emissions and ultimately more trees in our forests

Less Waste

More than 7 billion tons of waste is produced each year. Vesta effectively reuses the wax paper and vegetable wax that would have been dumped in landfills.

Cleaner Air

Although it produces more energy, Vesta releases to 2 times less fine particles in the atmosphere than wood. It’s cleaner air for your neighborhood.

Protecting Our Forest

While we burn smartly, we let our forests grow freely. Six billion trees are cut each year worldwide. Vesta is doing its part by replacing the wood that would have been cut and burned otherwise!


What experts are saying

Important Facts

  • 6 000 + tons recycled
  • 38 000 +Saved Trees
  • 25 000 +Happy Cutomers
  • 25 +Jobs in Quebec

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are answers to questions we are most often asked.

Is Vesta safe?
Vesta products are completely safe for your family. They are composed of vegetable wax and waxed cardboard. These two very calorific substances produce intense heat. This is why very few fine particles are released into the air as they are consumed within the fireplace itself. According to laboratory tests, no harmful residues are released during combustion.
Do I need a specific stove or fireplace?
No. Our product can be used with any type of wood-burning appliance. However, burning time and quantity of emitted particles may vary depending on the equipment used and its configuration. Our team of experts will advise you on how to use your device correctly with Vesta if needed.
Where can I buy Vesta products?
The Vesta products are available from our online dealer at
What is the length of Vesta logs?
The Long Lasting Vesta brick measures 7.5 inches, while the Vesta Night Log measures 12 inches.
What is the equivalent in Vesta products to a cord of wood?
We estimate that 12  boxes of Long Lasting Bricks or Night Logs are equivalent to a traditional dry cordwood. Of course, many factors specific to each home can impact this figure. It remains an average estimate.
Can I mix Vesta with other products?
Of course!  Vesta products can coexist seamlessly with other ecological firewood or even natural wood. Vesta logs burn 2 times longer than the majority of other products, including wood. Adding at least one Vesta product to your fire is a good way to ensure a long lasting fire even if you mix it with other products.
How should I use the Long Lasting Vesta?
Place 3 Long Lasting Vesta bricks in your fireplace. The first two must be side by side and the third must be placed on top perpendicular to the other two. Then start your fire with a Vesta fire starter. Vesta products are very easy to ignite. Half a stick of fire-starter should be enough. Never put more than 10 pounds of Vesta products in your fireplace or wood-burning stove. This could cause damage due to an excessive amount of energy released.
How should I use the Vesta Night Log?
Place a Vesta Night Log on hot embers. Never place more than a single Night Log in your fireplace or wood-burning stove. This could cause damage due to an excessive amount of energy released.

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